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Boxer Through the Fence

The Internet has presented Photographers and other artists with a way to show case their art to millions of people. Something artists in the past have not had the luxury of, even a small exhibit may have taken years to achieve. When I started Quiet Dog Images I had a dream of taking a hobby, I have had since I received my first camera at 6 years old, and making it into a business and creative outlet. I believe that everyone has a passion, I was lucky enough to realize mine by developing Quiet Dog Images.

Quiet Dog Images specializes in nature and outdoor photography. This web site features many images from in and around Idaho and as far away as Maui and Mexico. Quiet Dog Images features a number of different blank note cards depicting images of grapes and vines in a vineyard, floral images from a realist and abstract perspective, as well as some landscape images from Boise and McCall in Idaho. These are available from local vendors in the Southwest Idaho area (see the partner page). Some images are also available on other media types through Zazzle in the form of prints, postage, postcards and clothing.

I have developed my hobby into something I love to do everyday. The Internet through this web site has allowed me to share my passion with others. The pack and Quiet Dog Images is located in Kuna, Idaho; where we spend our days basking in the sun, eating, napping and taking digital images. At Quiet Dog Images we have a dogs life to be sureā€¦


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