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About Our Pack

Current Pack
This is a picture of the current pack taken near Swan Falls Dam on the Snake River in Idaho. YuuKan is standing, Akira lying down, and I am sitting on the rock; both dogs are Akitas, which are loyal and quiet dogs. YuuKan means brave and Akira translates to brilliant.
This is Bouqyac (means beautiful creature) and me at Chickahominy Reservoir in Central Oregon. Bouqyac was a nice and mellow dog. Ann-Marie and I found her at the Idaho Humane Society. Bouqyac was an Akita and Chow crossbreed; because she was so quiet she inspired the name for the company.
Original Pack
Ann-Marie and Bouqyac
This is Bouqyac with the other member of the pack, Ann-Marie. Ann-Marie was the one who found Bouqyac. She liked the description of nice and mellow the humane society gave her. Each time we walked by her pen she was laying with her head down, but as we passed she would get up and look at us.
Bouqyac was an excellent dog. She would always let me know when she wanted to go for a walk, but if I moved too slow she would take herself for one. I was in the doghouse over that more than once.
Yuukan is a big goofy boy. We located him through an Akita rescue. He is so sweet but a little intimidating. I cannot believe that three families gave him up before he found his forever home with us.
Akira came from an Akita rescue as well. She came from a home that kept her on a short chain in the backyard among trash and debris.
This is Akira right after she came to live with us. A bag of skin and bones, but we fattened her up.


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